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Through the Sun and Through the Storm

A seed grows little by little, day by day, weathering every storm that comes its way. Similarly, my dream grew one chemo session at a time, one doctor’s appointment, one radiation at a time. Cancer was my storm, and along with it came many months, many tears and many disappointments.

The doors of India and new beginnings

My recent trip to India was filled with wonder as I once again enjoyed the beauty of this humble nation and found inspiration in the patterns and colours around each and every corner. The doors, archways and gates into the cities of India have always intrigued me....

The Red Tulip Goes to The Pink City

Our trip began with a seemingly never ending journey of airports and suitcases, a lot of walking and shenanigans, finally ending in Delhi where we were shuffled around here and there and had our documents scrutinised by many terribly important uniformed officials. ...

My Journey

My Journey

December 2013, the lowest point in my life….  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A shock, a huge mountain in the pathway of my life, an inconvenience. Just like that, I was thrown into and unfamiliar world of endless visits to doctors, blood tests, scans and...

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