Isn’t it amazing that such a beautiful, fulfilling, passionate goal can be achieved because of hitting the lowest point in my life?

The story of The Red Tulip unfolded during a time when the future was uncertain, but the power of the mind is God sent. I remained ever so positive during my cancer treatment and focussed my thoughts and energy not only getting well but planning my future.

God always has an amazing plan. He could see the end of the road when I was just starting at the beginning.

I used to carefully choose my outfits for every chemotherapy session, an outfit that would make me look good and therefore feel good. I have always loved clothing and had developed my unique sense of fashion. The dream of having convenient access to beautiful and unique clothing began.

I had time to think, plan and dream.

I loved sourcing the garments, coming up with the boutique’s name, deciding on a logo, setting up the business.

The Red Tulip opened in October 2016 from our home in East London.

Why the Red Tulip
Red – my favourite colour!
Tulip – in memory of God’s healing in my life and our wonderful family celebration in Holland!

I have met so many amazing people through my boutique. We have been on a few overseas shopping trips, made many new friends and I have been able to help others through my cancer journey.

In December 2017 The Red Tulip moved from my home into Madison’s Market based in Epsom Road, East London.

This is my story for His Glory. There is loads of excitement building up at The Red Tulip as we have many new ideas and another trip planned to bring you the most beautiful clothing.

I am always amazed at God’s grace in our lives.

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